Parent Council

The minimum number of parents required to continue Parent Council are 3 parents holding positions and 4 parents to hold a meeting. Unfortunately, we were unable to go ahead with our AGM last night due to these minimum numbers not being met.

Parent Council within the school is a clear link with parents; an opportunity to give ideas and opinions and support school improvement. Not having a Parent Council means that this link is lost and much of the fundraising and extra events would not go ahead. We have really appreciated the support of parents in previous years and would be very sorry to see this fold. This would also have repercussions on the experiences we could offer the children e.g. not having funding for swimming lessons, productions and workshops in the school or school trips.

We have re-organised a Parent Council AGM and meeting for Monday, 4th November from 6-7pm to tie in with times that the children might be at Brownies. Further information on the roles of Parent Council and how it supports the school will follow from current Parent Council members.


2 thoughts on “Parent Council

  1. Hi, I am sorry i could not come yesterday because of other commitments but I will come on the 4th November. I agree that it is vital to have enough parents to keep this going.




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