Citizenship Group Feedback

Each of our citizenship groups fed back at assembly today on the aims from Health and Wellbeing week and how the various areas the citizenships groups focus on tie in with these.
This year aims include;

  • To understand more about how our emotions work
  • To drink more water throughout the day and understand how this supports good health
  • To increase our physical activity including time outside
  • To learn about staying safe
  • To learn ways of relaxing
  • To understand the importance of sleep

Each committee group reported on how their focus linked with the aims; the Wellbeing Indicators (Wellbeing Committee), Children’s Rights (Rights Respecting Schools), Sustainable Development Goals (Eco and Charities and Celebrations), School Values (Pupil Learning Council) Importance of sleep (Digital Leaders.)

We are now adding to our display in the corridor outside Mrs Laird’s office to show this.


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