Please see details from Karate below. They are open to new members if you email Dolina Ross – dolinar@hotmail.co.uk
Difficult times ahead for us all with Scottish Government announcing all schools will close this Friday, probably remain closed until after the summer holidays.
It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be a challenge but if we work together and ride this storm, we will come out stronger and with a much clearer vision.
With children and parents staying at home for a long period, we need to help to keep them fit, healthy and entertained.
We will put in place Karate Alba Online Training for all our members, to provide grade specific Karate training, games, fun, quiz, learning and virtual competitions.
This may take us a couple of weeks to set-up as it requires a lot of background work by Sophie and I. This is a new concept and a great challenge, but we can do this. 


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