Fàilte – Welcome Mr Kelly

Fàilte – We welcome Mr Ewen Kelly to Glenurquhart Primary as our new Gaelic Medium teacher. Thankfully Mr Kelly had the opportunity to meet the Gaelic class prior to the school closure and has been working closely with Mrs MacVicar to ensure he gets to know the children. She will continue to support Mr Kelly over the next few weeks to become familiar with the class so that he is able to take over setting work for them. We extend a very warm welcome from all at Glenurquhart and look forward to working with you.

Mar sin leibh agus beannachd leat – Goodbye and good luck Mrs MacVicar. We know this won’t be the last time we see you but, we thank you so much for what you have done for Gaelic learning in Glenurquhart.  We are in a super place with this and really appreciate all your efforts and time in supporting it’s growth, the children, nursery and community.  We wish you the very best on your next ventures. We will invite Mrs MacVicar back once the school is open again to say a proper good bye and good luck to her.


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