Home Learning Week 4

I just wished to get in touch with our families to say hello and thank you all for what a wonderful job you are all doing! Everyone has risen in their own way to the different learning that is taking place and it has been magnificent. I’ve loved seeing the pictures and comments around what you have been doing – please keep sending them on to teachers or emailing me them.

It has also been super to be able to join the P4-7 classes on Google Meets throughout the week and actually see and talk to everyone. We hope to extend this into P1-3 in the next few weeks once they have got more familiar with Google Classroom.

Everyone is now managing to register each morning through Google Classroom or daily emails and I really appreciate everyone’s support with this. I also continue to update our Family Learning site with new ideas and pages including BBC Bitesize programmes and our children’s ‘Right of the Week’ page with many activities to try.

If any family requires support with anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch with my email ~ kerrie.laird@highland.gov.uk or kerrie.laird@glenurquharthigh.org.uk

I am also more than happy to arrange a phone call or Google Meet with families if they wish support in this way – again, just let me know through email.

I attach below a Scottish Government document – ‘Supporting Pupils, Parents and Teachers – Learning During Term 4.’

We are aiming to follow the advice in this the best we can and recognise;

We are living in extraordinary times and we understand that learning in Term 4 will be different. We also know that this is a new and evolving situation and that we must be both ambitious for our learners, yet realistic too. In addition to supporting wellbeing, a key goal during this period will be to maintain engagement in learning, with approaches that are appropriate to children and young people in different age groups; in different home circumstances; and with different levels of digital connectivity.

Not all learning, however, will be done online or through digital channels or platforms. We know that there are many other learning resources and activities, including books, television, radio, and creative activities that will help with learning at home.”

This is most definitely what we are seeing from our chilldren with baking, gardening, outdoor activities, following online experiments and inventions have all been going on daily and these will be providing our children with fantastic learning experience to develop wide ranging skills.

Thank you all for your perseverance in working and learning from home, your kindness shown to each other, your hard work and commitment to continued learning and your creative approaches to these. We really are demonstrating what a super school community we have.


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