Arrangements for Return

Please find below a letter from Highland Council regarding our return to school with Frequently Asked Questions.  I am currently working with the Area Office to finalise arrangements for a phased return from Wednesday, 12th August (Tuesday, 11th is an Inset training for staff only) as well as for lunch etc and hope to issue these ASAP.  As explained in the attached guidance all children will attend full-time from the week beginning Monday, 18th August at normal times – 8.55-3.25 for P4-7 and 9.00-3.10 for P1-3 with all children finishing at 12.10 on a Friday.

I can confirm that, as explained in my letter before the break, all classes will move up in the same split as last year e.g. P1/2 will become P2/3 and so on.

Class teachers are as follows:

P1 (previous Nursery 4 children ) – Mr Adrian MacLeod

P2/3 (previous P1/2 with Mr MacLeod) – Mr Stephen Marshall with Mrs Alyson McLean on a Tuesday

P3/4 (previous P2/3 with Ms MacKay) – Mrs Lisa James with Mrs Alsyon McLean on a Monday

P5/6 (previous P4/5 with Ms Walker) – Miss Louise MacDonald

P6/7 (previous P5/6 with Miss MacDonald) – Miss Kirstine Mullin with management half day per week covered by Mrs Alyson McLean

Gaelic Medium P1-6 – Mr Ewen Kelly

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.


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